LADDER ONE - Modular Pole Ladder

Ladder One is a modular ultra light sectional climbing pole, designed to be carried and assembled on land or underwater. Ladder one allows quick operations allowing multiple operators to quickly ascend out of the sea, boarding a ship or climb a wall in  amphibian or underwater operations.

The ladder can be quicky and easly assembled with the desired lenght and hook according to the operational needs.

Flip Roll Pole 5.0 Meters

The standard single F.R.P. is capable for instant access to 5-7m high objects.

(pole length plus body reach).

The F.R.P. is usable in both environments – Urban and Maritime.

Carobon Fibre Telescopic Pole

Telescopic Carbon Fiber Poles are the key element of a lightweight, noiseless and super strong system that allows you to hook on ropes or ladders in a fast, safe and effective manner.

Our Poles are lightweight, very rigid and easy to operate under extreme conditions.

The Carbon Fiber Poles are available from 3M-15M.


Fiberlight Ladders

Fibrelight ladders are ideal for situations were low weight and low noise signature are critical to your mission. The carbon fibre rungs in conjunction with the high strength Decitex webbing give these ladders an excellent weight to strength.



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