NAVSUB - Diver Navigation Board

NAVSUB is the cutting edge of the analogic diver navigation boards. Equipped with an high perfromance compass mounted on a dumped gimbal, allows very accurate diver navigation in any operative conditions.

Primo Nav Dashboard

Underwater diving dashboard includes in one unit a tactical bottom timer, compass and GPS navigation with dead reckining, data logger.

Underwater wireless interface with Suex scooters and Manta navigation board. Bluetooth interface with dedicated PC software for mission planning and post mission data log.

MANTA - Digital Navigation Board

MANTA electronic navigation board is an essential equipment that allows, coupled with PRIMO Nav computer, to obtain a very accu rate underwater navigation for the diver.
MANTA dashboard is provided with an embedded rotating propeller that sense the distance and speed travelled in the water. A dedicat ed electronic board process and transmit the data on a wireless underwater digital link to the PRIMO computer, sending real time distance information to the underwater navigation solution.

NEXA - Underwater deployable Digital Buoy

NEXA is an underwater deployable digital buoy that allows to link a diver team wearing PRIMO Nav computers with the surface. The diver team will be capable to receive GNSS position information and at the same time exchange digital data information with a remote station.

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