Wet suits made in neoprene, very comfortable for every type of operation.

It is supplied with hanger and soft transport bag


The TACTICAL LIGHT is a multi-purpose dry suit, designed for special force use when extreme lightweight and breathability is required and for use in high temperature and high humidity environments.

The OL-TAC RIPSTOP NYLON II is developed for special forces use under critical conditions and MCM operations.


Thermal Isolation Underwear
3 pcs thermal underwear for dry suits made of spun synthetic fleece.

Universal Term with AMBITION UYN was developed for activities under changing climatic conditions.

Universal Term with AMBITION UYN with THERMOLOFT which is a coverall for thermal isolation.

Monoprene Professional Fins

New comfortable foot pocket in concave shape for easy instep and less stress on the fore foot. Short powerful fin blade with jet channels for easy maneuvering in both directions– classic and frog kicks.

Sea Eagle Amphibian Boots

Amphibious boots with rigid sole.

Caimano Knife

The design considers the specific operator’s needs offering a suitable service for any type of the amphibian use. Compact size and the perfect balance of the blade make it a valuable operative tool


Tactical Kevlar Neoprene Gloves

5mm neoprene, black color, Super stretch neoprene for fit and comfort, thermoflex lining for warmth, rubber sealed seams, kevlar reinforced palms and fingers.




Underwater dive lights with battery chargers.

Assault Swimmer Backpack 10

Waterproof Pack-Bags

Shoot Through Rifle Bag

WP_Constant Buoyant Bag

Waterproof Utility Pocket


Analogic Depth gauges with parabolic scale and luminescent backlight. Three models available: 16mt – 25mt – 80mt
Can be supplied in two different configurations:

  • Depth gauge with case;
  • Depth gauge, extension strap,
  • easy wear bracelet, with anti-loss lock system, carrying case


  • Parabolic scale ranges: 0÷16 m or 0÷25 m or 0÷80 m
  • Membrane: phosphor bronze
  • Case: Black ABS
  • Bracelet: Thermoplastic rubber
Triton k2 air regulator

SIEL Triton K2 sealed antifreeze High performance I° and II° Stage in black color opaque. Reliable & low maintenance regulator. First stage membrane balanced. Outer rubber diaphragm with balancing holes. DIN connection 232 bar. Adjustable II°stage. Two High Pressure outlet; Four Low Pressure outlet. Black silicone mouth piece. Including LP Hose 760mm

Octopus Air regulator

SIEL Triton K2 Octopus II°stage with 1000mm LP hose is connected to 1 stage LP camera for providing air in emergency situations. Yellow or Black color.

Triton Console

Console with pressure gauge 400bar and depth gauge 70mt

Wing BC with Jackets

The highest quality travel BC wing on the market. Double-shell, full-equiped wing, stainless steel buckles and D-rings.

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