Concept of Operation:

  • Diver to diver
  • Diver to diver control boat & viceversa
  • Diver to air/land & viceversa

Principle of Operation:

  • Diver to diver voice communication through acoustic ultrasonic link
  • Diver to surface voice communication through VHF/UHF radio link
  • Possibility to use with half or Full Face Mask
  • 8 different channels selectable in water for underwater communications and VHF/UHF module with multiple divers

Surafce unit for Diver Communication with VHF Radio and Ultrasonic transcelvers.

SEALAND 20 - Diver Radio Unit

Diver voice communication system allowing diver to diver and diver-at-surface voice communication with combined ultrasonic and radio links.

SEACOM U5000 - Diver Ultrasonic Unit

Ultrasonic underwater communication unit that allows diver to diver and diver to surface voice communications.

Buddy Wire

BuddyWire is a compact device that allows communication between two divers via wired intercom.
The BuddyWire replaces the ordinary buddy line allowing full duplex diver-to-diver underwater voice communication.
The BuddyWire device consists of the main body to which two headphones and a laryngophone are connected.


FALCO is an innovative equipment that allows to track the position of a person/object over the sea surface or in amphibious environments. It can be worn by a diver or any other operator that needs to be located/rescued when above water.

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