Oxygen Closed Circuit Rebreather

Is the fourth generation of the legendary italian combat diver oxygen rebreather. With a nominal edurance of 240 minutes and only 10 kg ready to dive, is the state of the art diving companion for Special Forces.

Oxygen Closed Circuit Rebreather

Seal MK1 PRO is a compact and lightweight oxygen rebreather. With a nominal endurance of 90 minutes and only 6 kg ready to dive is ideal for tactical operations, amphibous and boarding , short term diving missions.

Combined Oxygen/Mix Gas Rebreather

CAIMANO MK4 CSC PRO is a combined Oxygen/Close circuit and mix gas/semiclosed rebreather. CAIMANO CSC Front unit features are identical to the CAIMANO MK4 CDV , adding the capability to switch to mix gas /semiclosed functioning, in conjunction of one of the mix gas unit configurations.

It can be used in three different configurations:

  • Mix gas back unit
  • Mix gas leg unit
  • Mix gas twin unit
Multiscan Gas Analyzer

Multiscan is a rebreather gas analyzer. With Oxygen Sensor probe, it is capable to measure PPO2 (Oxygen partial pressure) and %O2 (oxygen percentage) through the rebreather counterlung interface.

Multiscan provides also dive information such as depth, max depth, EAD depth, max EAD depth , dive time, timer.

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