SIEL S.r.l was established in 1967 in Torino, Italy – as an electronic component designer and supplier for major military and governmental equipment production companies.

For 40 years Siel co-operated with these distinguished companies in the creation of software and electronics for important projects,  such as the co-operation with Wass for the development of the A-244s torpedo and it’s Helicopter airborne launch platform, the co-operation with Lockheed Martin for the development of the Trident transportation and submarine loading platform, the co-operation with Nasa for the development of the space shuttle transportation platform.

In 2007, after a careful market study, combined with the experience acquired in years, and investing in its own assets and capabilities, Siel made an important change of directions, developing telemetry and remote control systems for mine countermeasure and port protection applications with a great success, which brought Siel to be a direct Italian Navy supplier – along with 9 countries around the globe- for unmanned remote controlled vessels, as well as the Italian participant to EDA (European Defense Agency) mine countermeasure projects.

In the meanwhile, in 1968, O.M.G was born: when Pirelli stopped the production of the oxygen scuba-diving gear for the Italian Navy, O.M.G. decided to plan and to produce a new closed circuit oxygen rebreather taking into consideration the experiences and the solutions adopted in the Pirelli respiratory: the Caimano. It followed in the nineties the introduction of a more modern and efficient apparatus, Manta 97, an oxygen rebreather (A.R.O.) a lighter model (only 11Kg outside the water ready for the use) with an autonomy of nearly 5 hours, that it was produced and sold expecially to the foreign countries.

Later the study and research allowed the development of a new system of the Caimano family that in 1997 reached with the definition of the model Caimano MK2C, planned and realized in collaboration with the R&D Office of the Italian Navy.
We are proud to assert that the series Caimano has become a “standard” of high quality in use, not only to the Special Units of the Italian Navy, but of all the Italian Special Forces.
The models A.R.O. supplied to the National Fire Departments, the Red Cross and the Italian Civil Protection and the semi-closed circuit AZIMUTH rebreather for the recreational, civil/professional market, had much success, either in Italy than to the rest of the world.
After the unit Caimano MK2C O.M.G. designed other models for the Military operators with higher specialization like automatic rebreather, Nitrox Rebreather and for the SDV operators.

The last model developed is named Caimano MK4 CDV.
O.M.G. ability has allowed to grow the capacity to supply all the materials of logistic support and underwater communication systems and a complete range of tactical material dedicated to the raiders oparators and the sportive/recreational activity.
O.M.G. has been a Company leader for quality, technology and full range of equipment for the military and professional  market.

O.M.G.supplied the Military Special Forces in Italy and in many countries in the world.

In 2011, Siel and O.M.G joined forces, able to offer their customers a versatile, integrated, customized and always technically advanced product line.