UAPS 20 - Unmanned Autopilot System
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Siel UAPS20 is a high performance and low cost autopilot system for unmanned navigation of USV boats.

System Highlights:
  • Easy integration on a RHIB platform of any dimension as a low cost Unmanned Surface Vehicle.
  • High accuracy autopilot system: 2-3 meters RMS in wind and waves up to SS2, 5-8 Meters in SS3 to SS5.
  • Remote telemetry and control stations.
  • Modular and scalable for different payloads and mission profiles.
  • Proven and military grade design.
  • Reliable: up to 12 hours of continuous operation.
  • Operational capabilities in shallow waters and confined space, such as in harbours.
  • Simulataneous navigation up to a fleet of 15 unmanned boats.


Low Cost RHIB

Control Unit


Navigation Path
Planning Software

Operator Remote
Control Station

Installed on a RHIB platform,
Siel UAPS20-A is a
low-cost but high
performance USV system

Compact and rugged Hardware
(CPU and sensors) with 
embedded control software


Graphical interface to
create autonomous
navigation routes

Remote Control

- 10+ miles distance

- Real time telemetry and control

- C-MAP chartography



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