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In over 40 years of work, Siel products range from simple energy-saving devices for automotive to complete unmanned autopilot systems for surface water, we are specialized in underwater data communication, rugged hardware and embedded software, we improve the mechanic vehicles capabilities with the aid of electronic.

Siel products are the result of our customer requests.


USV - Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Siel  UAPS is a low cost autopilot system to transform normal motorboats into USVs (Unmanned Surface Vehicles).

The USV is fully autonomous and can be also remotely controlled from a remote control station


MCM Testing Range

Realistic training system for Naval forces and Mine Countermeasures exercise and assessment.

Real time multi infuence signature data acquisition and remote control from Underwater Measurements Units.

Precise tracking of up to 15 vessels in the range.

Assessment of MCM assets (ships, drones, ROVs, divers, sweep gear) during MCM operations.

Powerful post processing software for data evaluation and simulation.


Autopilots for Ships

Embedding high precision autopilot on any ship delivers new performances for ship navigation.

Follow a pre-programmed course, homing to a point, navigate to destination across a multi-point route, presetting courses, speeds and steering angles.


Military and Professional Diving Equipment

OMG Military and Professional Diving Equipment is now part of SIEL products range.



Surface and Underwater Communication

Underwater data communication via acoustic modems and Surface data communication via UHF radio devices.

Portable electronic buoys to check and control sea floor sensors from remote stations in real time.


Electronics for Heavy Transport and Land Systems

Electronic steering and suspensions control, data transmission and center of gravity display in cabin.

Electronics and bench test equipments for trains and subways electric and electronic parts.

Dedicated software and data recorders.



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