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SIEL, founded in 1967, has more that 40 years experience in the design and construction of electronics equipment for underwater defence, guidance and control of marine vehicles, telemetry and remote control systems.


SIEL factory is located near Torino, North-West Italy ( Find us).

SIEL has 1500 m2 of offices and laboratories and can count on a group of specialized technicians, including mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, software engineers.

The company's 40 years experience spans from basic design of analog and microprocessor circuits to digital signal processors and software developing. Using computer-aided design from the early drawing phase, through the simulation, PCB routing, photoplotting phases to electric, mechanical and customer support documentation.


The company has different laboratories for assembling, testing, electric and alectronic and radio frequency metrology, quality control.
Environmental and vibrations test equipment let SIEL make complete pre-qualification tests screening and adjustaments on the production.


SIEL hardware and software is made in accordance with the relevant European and MIL standards as required by Customers.


Competence areas:

  • Automatic controls, autopilots, data transmission and telemetry systems.
  • Unmanned surface vehicles (USV) with dedicated high accuracy autopilot system with remote telemetry.
  • Marine testing ranges, including vessels tracking systems, radio telemetry buoys, underwater platforms with acoustic data link.
  • Simulators and training equipment.
  • Control systems for self propelled modular heavy transport up to 5000 tons.
  • Railway electronics.
  • Telemetry networks for natural gas and heat distribution systems.
  • Advanced projects for research institutes.


SIEL portfolio:

  • Naval forces: Europe, Middle East, Far East and South America.
  • Companies: Finmeccanica, Lockheed Martin, Breda, Fiat, Enel, Nasa, Marconi, Thompson.


Certifications: Siel quality system is ISO9001 (2000) certified.



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