Recreational oxygen closed circuit rebreather

CASTORO C96 PRO CE is an oxygen closed circuit Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA) cyclical type, designed and manufactured by SIEL for recreational and professional use. It’s certified in accordance to the CE European regulation.



  • Closed circuit oxygen rebreather, ventral soft shield apparatus.
  • Weight and dimensions highly reduced compared to other rebreather of the same class.
  • High level of reliability, strength and a simple maintenance.
  • Soft shield protection against tearing and abrasions.
  • Hydrodynamic fineness ratio
  • Manual (by-pass) oxygen injection control.
  • No tools required for setup and operation.
  • CE Certified


  • Max operational depth: More than 12 mt (39 fsw)
  • Real operational depth: 6 mt (ppO2 = 1,6 ATA) (EN14143:2003)
  • Dive time: ~240 min
  • Weight in sea water: Neutral with 2.5 l of oxygen in the bag

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