P/N IMP-UW-011 Depth gauge 0-80 mt w/ accessories
P/N IMP-UW-021 Depth gauge 0-25 mt w/ accessories
P/N IMP-UW-031 Depth gauge 0-16 mt w/ accessories


Analogic wrist depth meter with parabolic scale, suitable for any diving profile.


  • Analogic depth indication
  • Parabolic scale, to enhance the shallow water range.
  • Totally amagnetic.
  • Maximum depth needle.
  • High intensity and long lasting back-lit made with SUPERVISION pigment, lasting 7 times more than traditional pigments.
  • Anatomic ABS body with adjustable wrist strap.


  • Parabolic scale ranges: 0÷16 m or 0÷25 m or 0÷80 m
  • Membrane: phosphor bronze
  • Case: Black ABS
  • Bracelet: Thermoplastic rubber

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