P/N AMU-SR-01 (single section)


Modular ultra light sectional climbing pole


LADDER ONE is a modular ultra light sectional climbing pole, with reduced overall dimensions. Designed to be used for both terrestrial or amphibian operations, is easy to handle, safe and reliable.


  • Rugged and reliable, all materials treated against sea corrosion
  • Modular design and easy to use in any environmental condition
  • Suitable for terrestrial and amphibian operations
  • Ladder steps have a special antiskid finish and they are spaced in order to facilitate climbs and descents
  • Assembled and disassembled with minimum effort
  • Slightly negative trim, to facilitate underwater transport
  • Surface protection treatment for all aluminium components, hard anodizing black colour.
  • Small and Medium size hooks


  • Material: Light-alloy with anti corrosion treatment
  • Height of each section: 1.5 mt (4.92 ft)
  • Steps to steps height: 39 cm (15.35 in)
  • Steps max. load: ~150 kg (330 lb)
  • Total load (traction only): ~1000 kg (2200 lb)
  • Weight in air (each unit): 2.5 kg (5.5 lb)
  • Weight in water (each unit): Slightly negative (ready to use)

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